Citation in Bibliography creates round bracket


I want to put the Citation in front of each reference in my Bibliography. But after the Citation, there is an annoying round bracket, (see picture). Is it possible to eliminate this bracket?

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I would recommend putting the exact field information into the “start each ref with” rather than trying to use the citation which IS going to have the parentheses.  So if it Author Year you are wanting, just put them there? - ah, but then you will get the initials I guess… Need to cogitate on this one.  – One idea, which is a bit of a pain, is to edit your citation to not include the parentheses, and then add them around your inserted citations… Or to create a custom field with the citation like authors and use that here, but that is a lot of work. 

Thanks for your answer! It was my first idea to exclude die parantheses for the citation, too. But it seems to be a little bit too “unscientific”.

What do you mean with “create a custom field with the citation like authors”? Where do i have to do this? At “Citations -> Templates”? I don’t know how to create a third field there?

What they mean is that you can actually activate unused fields for the record forms.

To do so…

1)  Go into EndNote

2)  Click the Edit menu (PC), or click the EndNote menu (Mac)

3)  Click Preferences

4)  Click Reference Types

Here, you’ll be able to manipulate the available fields in the Reference Types, which allows you to take an unused field and essentially give it a label so that it shows up when looking at it in the Record Edit window.

Like say…  Custom 8, which is universally not assigned to any type of reference.

In the right column, give it a name like…  Citation…  and click Apply to all Ref Types.

You can then put that citation information into this new “Citation” field, and include that field in the bibliographical format.  The downside to this being that the field would need to be manually populated.

I hope this helps.



yep, that is what I meant.  Sorry for not seeing the question come back.