Citation is repeating itself

Why is this happinging in my document? Not with all citiation but with many. I erase them and they come back next time I update.

perspective of her field of industrial relations: “…if it [industrial relations] is not entirely oblivious to the presence of women, then it is certainly unaware that their presence makes much of a difference” (p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(p.1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1). A particularly relevant observation from Forrest’s perspective, and also one that can inform CST, is the need to use gender as part of analytical boundary critique:

This is always due to some corruption of endnote fields in the document and the best way to recover from it, is to first make a copy of the document – then on one of the copies run thru the steps here: