Hello When trying to edit the citation template and add an additional field to the ones already displayed, when you save; exit and then go in again to check the saves have taken place the additional field has reverted back to the ones already saved.

For eg. I am trying to add the “record number” as an additional field; when added and then I return to the template it is not there. Is the template set and not possible to make changes. Many thanks. Katherine

Just curious - did you change the style following modifyin the citations template? When you modified the Citations Template (by adding the Record Number), upon exiting you should see a prompt asking what the style name should be saved as.  Usually it’s the same style name but now includes the word “copy” so it’ll look like:

[Style name] Copy         

If you save the style as a copy, you’ll need to change the style setting in  EndNote and MS Word in order for the change you made to the citations template to be active - otherwise you’ll still be using the “old” style which does not reflect the addition of the Record Number field.

You don’t mention what version of EndNote or wordprocessor you’re using but the above comment is based on EndNote X3 and Word 2007.

I have just noticed this post and have added my own post under a similar vain. I am using word 2007 and endnote version x1.0. I try and change the citation style (so that I can remove the brackets from my citation) and it just does not seem to save. If I save under a different name then it says i do not have permission to save in this location.

can you shed any light on this?

See John East’s FAQ here.  

Thank you this might have just saved my bacon