Citation with RefMan 12 is counted with 263 words

Hi all,

my problem is almost sufficiently described within the title. A citation of 4 words in my discussion is counted as 263 words by Word 2010. Where are the hidden words come from? Up to now this happens to just one citation. All other citation are counted correctly (Name et al., Year) with 4 words.

I tried to reduce my discussion by 200 words for the last 2 hours before recognizing, it is actually not too long…

When I copy the discussion into a new Word document the same citation now is 4 words, even after Update Citations. When I copy the whole work into a new document the same citation is 263 again, somewhere outside the discussion the additional words must be hidden, counting to the citation into discussion. Strange.

And yes, I closed and reopened RefMan as well as the document. Over and over again…

Anyone else experienced this issue?

Based on your description, it sounds like there is a problem with the encoding in that document. I would suggest cleaning up the field codes by following the steps found in this article: