Hi, I cant change the citation of my author… when I cite the author Jaffre in my word codument. Endnot cites it as (T. Jaffre, 2012). whereas, it does fine with another author and cites it as (Johnsons, 1999). I have been struggling to make Endnote cite (Jaffre, 2012) but it does not change. So How can I do to change (T. jaffre, 2012) to (Jaffre, 2012)?

Including first name initials within the citation is used to differentiate different authors who happen to have the same last name. So you might check if there the second and different set of authors named Jaffre cited earlier in the document.

If, however, you are dealing only with the same author having different publications this may indicate incongruities between how the author name appears in the two (or more) Endnote reference records. In this case check and correct the Author field’s data entry to be consistent across records.  

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