Cite Goldwave software with reference in APA


I found an old message telling me to use the ‘computer program’ reference style but when I populate it I get nothing like the APA style (page 210 of 6th ed)


for the citation which should look like:

CITE = (Goldwave Version 6.12; Goldwave Inc, 2015)

GET = (Goldwave Inc, 2015)

NB I will change it to outside brackets setting later

But endnote gets the reference correct:

REF = GoldWave Inc. (2015). Goldwave (Version 6.15) [Computer software]. Retreived from:

GET = GoldWave Inc. (2015). Goldwave (Version 6.15) [Computer software]. Retreived from:

In the fields I have:

Programmer= Goldwave Inc



Place published=Retrieved from

Description=Professional digital audio editor


Type=Computer software

I’d appreciate knowing what I have done wrong or if there is a change to the APA style setup i need to make or if I just have to do the cite manually and supress it and only have it in the reference list


Endnote’s APA 6th in-text citation format is based on Author-Year and for the Computer Programs reference type the programmer stands-in for “author” - that’s why the resulting in-text citation is: (Goldwave Inc, 2015)

You will need to manually edit the citation to insert “Goldwave Version 6.12; “ in the prefix field which will then place it in front of “Goldwave Inc, 2015”. (Place your cursor on the citation, right-click and select Edit Citations, More. In the Edit & Manage Citations dialog box enter the additional info in the Prefix field. Then click OK.)

Not sure what you mean by “NB I will change it to outside brackets setting later”.

If you use tons of them you could use a generic field or fields to hold the text, and incorporate them into the citation with the isolate and link adjacent symbol (represented by an asterisk below).   

(|softwarename*|version;*|Author, Year) 

but those fields are now represented by the generic “title” and “edition” fields right now, so it would take revising the reference types and moving the text to the new fields which are not used in any of your other reference types (or that text will show up in the citatons too).  

CG’s solution is much more convenient.  


I have done a slight variant on what you suggested because when I put Goldwave Version 6.12 as a prefix Endnote then puts it inside the parentheses, thus (Goldwave Version 6.12; GoldWave Inc, 2015)

So I wrote Goldwave Version 6.12 as text and left the Goldwave as the author and now it looks like

… Goldwave Version 6.12 (GoldWave Inc, 2015) …

Much thanks for the help/gary

Thanks Leanne

I went with a slight modification to CG’s solution explained in my other post

By “NB I will change it to outside brackets setting later” I was meaning I would use the author (year) citation format but with the solution I used I am able to stay with the default (Author, year) citation format

Thanks again/gary

good thing because one of the pipes was misplaced.  fixed it in below msg