Citing APA format -electronically retrieved docs from a subscription db- citing differently than in CWYW?


I have retrieved a multitude of articles at times and then copied and pasted an auto formatted cite from the university library’s dbs, including EBSCO… When I do this, it always includes at the end “retrieved from xx database on July 1, 2009” or something akin to this.  Now,  I can copy and paste this in my cites in a manual way to my WORD doc. 

Now, since I started using EN (i use X3 on windows XP pro SP3 with Word 2007), I don’t copy and paste anymore and just have X3 cite using CWYW.  I noticed that it never includes this retrieval date due to the fact, I am sure, that when I download the cite using export option, I am getting the actual file of info I need and it doen’t include a dynamic retrieval date.  My question is:, which way is correct?  When I retrieve from an electronic db, I thought I had to include the date.  I don’t have the latest APA formatting manua 5th ed., but I was wondering, who is correct?

Thanks a lot.

The APA Style Guide to Electronic References (2007) says “No retrieval date is necessary for content that is

not likely to be changed or updated, such as a journal article or book” (p. 2).


The 6th edition of the APA Publication Manual has just been released. It includes the same provision.


Thank you for the reply.  That means the 6th ed. revisions and updates should be coming relatively soon from TReuters.