Ok maybe I am missing the boat but I can’t get the program to help me at all- here is the situation

I have a paper with endnotes that is not the way the journal wants it - so I have to reformat the way the references are noted in the text (rather than a # it is the author’s last name and year) and the references of course have very strict guidelines.   Is there a way to “retrofit” this paper?  Also in the future- how the heck does this work- really I don’t understand even though I watched the video, read the manual etc


Clueless in Michigan

If you haven’t grasped this basic functionality, I guess they need a few more training videos! 

What “output” style is being used in the manuscript?  This is on the Endnote “ribbon” or in the edit bibliography menu depending on your word processing software (word 2007, 2010 or word 2003, mac 2011) and platform (windows or Mac). 

Then what publisher/journal are you trying to retrofit this for?  – As a start, try the (Auhor, Year) style, if that is how you want the citations to appear.  Be sure you are doing this swap in the Manuscript and not the Endnote program.  A chosen output style “sticks” for the word processing document, and doesn’t switch when you switch the style in the Endnote program.  This is so, if you are working on two papers to two different journals, you don’t need to remember to swap them in Endnote.