Code shows up rather than references

After getting a new laptop with vista and the new office I thought I successfully got my endnote 9.01 working - although I had the cwyw installed it didn’t work but the keyboard shortcuts did so I could Alt 2 to insert a reference - I was happy.


I decded to look at the cwyw tools in endnote and click the preferences to open work and close work automatically - then the problems occured. I changed these preference back to unticked and restarted etc  but the problem is still there:

Problem - when I ALT2 (once in word) to put in a citation I only get code  - although when I print out the page it prints wiht the citation and not the code. I am finding it difficult to work on my docuemtns with all the code appearing.

Does anyone know how to turn off the code?



You have to toggle them in word see which points to this FAQ