COM reference number error

I would be most appreciative of help for this issue…

I keep receiving a COM exception error message that reads “number must be between” when I try to format my bibiography.  The error message seems to be incomplete, but from what I can gather, there’s something funky with the record numbers.  My EndNote library shows about 575 references yet some of the record numbers are in the 600s.  Any chance someone knows what’s going on here?

Many thanks!

This is unlikely that this refer to an endnote record number.  It is not uncommon to have higher record numbers than the total number of refs in your library, as the record number is used only once and if a record is deleted (say a duplicate or something you decide you no longer need) that number is never reused in that library.  It is more likely to be due to some font specification, at least that is the most common association with that error message.  Fixes seem to suggest recreating a profile or removing the or normal.dotm and allowing it to be recreated.  Was the document originally created in a different program or version of word/endnote. 

Is it in an unfomated state? You could try to show paragraph symbols and copy all to a clean document apart from that last paragraph symbol.  . 

Mcolsman, what version of EndNote are you using? With EndNote X3 and earlier, the most common reason we have seen this error happen is because of “comments” in the document. While generally EndNote and Track Changes are compatible, for some reason X3 and earlier did not seem to work so well with Comments. If you do have comments, save a copy of this document with a new name, and remove all Comments. Are you then able to format?

I have also seen this error resolved by something as simple as rebooting the Mac, too, so do make sure you’ve restarted if you haven’t done that since this error began, as well.

Write back if this still doesn’t resolve this issue, as there are some other things to try.

Thanks so much!  I am using EndNote X2.  Although i quit both Word and EndNote and restarted, I didn’t get any resolution to the issue…  Now that I have restarted, it seems to have been resolved.

I appreciate your time and insight!

Thank you very much!  Your answer was very helpful!

Glad we were able to help! Enjoy your day.