Compatability Endnote 7/9

I’ve created a library in Endnote 9, and written a document in Word 2003 using CWYW. Unfortunately, the person receiving the document is using Endnote 7 and now wants to edit the references in the document. I know there are problems with backwards compatability and that we really can’t go back and forward between the two versions - but is there a way for a one-off conversion from 9 to 7 so that he can access the library AND change the Word document using CWYW?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

You can try to create an export filter to include the record number and then an import filter to insert the record number into the label field of the record.  Then you could format the paper and change the CWYW citation to use the label and send your colleague the exported file to import with a custom filter to insert the record number into the label field. whew…


If it were me, I would just suggest you create a reference list with the record numbers (edit a style to include the record number in the prefix) and then unformat the paper and unlink the bibliography.  (ON A COPY) -

Another idea is to have him find a colleague who uses  endnote9,X,X1 or X2 and borrow their computer temporarily!  - or maybe they could try the trial version of X2?