Complex style question

I’m trying to get styles to do complex if-then results: if there’s no translator, no series title, no edition information, etc., then a period will appear after the title. If not, then a comma will appear (except in one case) and more information will appear after the comma, after which a period will appear.


a) Author (Year) Title, 2nd edn. Place Published.

b) Author (Year) Title. Place Published.

c) Author (Year) Title. Trans. Translator. Place Published.  (and so on)

in the style ex. below (for Books) spaces stand for dependent spaces (spacebar-space). see attached image file.

Anyway, I’m not quite able to get this to go. Suggestions welcome. Thanks. 

Author.| (Year)| Title|_ . _Trans. Translator.| Series Title| , vol. Volume| Edited by Series Editor | , Edition edn.| , Number of Volumes vols.| in “In X Volumes”.| Place Published.| (1st ed. Original Publication.)| (First published “First Published”).| (Translated from Original Language Edition)| (Engl. trans.: English Translation.)| ( Rpt. Reprint Edition.)| ( = Abbreviation)

Message Edited by jiporter on 04-15-2009 04:10 PM

I think I figured out an answer: by adding a dep. space-period-dep. space before “Place Published”. I’m not quite sure how it does this, but it seems to be working.

see attached image file for the change (highlighted)