confirm delete box

How do I get the confirm delete dialog back, once I’ve checked the box for it not to appear?

The information is stored in Windows registry and can be edited to make the dialog box re-appear. The usual warnings about backing up the registry first and me taking no responsibility for what happens will apply, but it worked OK for me (EndNote X1 on Windows 2000).

If you run the registry editor (Start button, Run…, then type “regedit” and click OK), you can locate the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ISI ResearchSoft\EndNote\Preferences

In this key is an entry entitled “ShowDeleteDialog” which is set to “F” if the confirm box isn’t shown. By double clicking this entry you can edit the “F” to “T”, save the change (click OK) and exit the Registry Editor. Next time you open EndNote the box should be back.

Hope this works.


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How do you fix this problem (the confirm delete has been turned off) on a Mac?