Connect manually typed text passage with reference in bibliography


i am very sorry for asking this as i am sure the answer is already somewhere out there. But sadly i couldn’t find it (using forum search and google). I hope somebody can give me a quick answer or link the appropriate posting.  I want to connect a manually typed passage in my document to its reference in the bibliography. It goes like “In 1997 Mitchel and Paulsen pusblished a paper…”. I would like to connect <1997> or <Mitchel and Paulsen> with the bibliography entry. If I use the CWYW-Plugin (using APA-Style) i just can choose between <(1997)>, <(Mitchel and Paulsen)>. In my case i want to remove the parentheses. On the other hand its important for me to see the link between the written text and the reference as i may decide to restructure my paper later on. I made use of trial and error extensively bit it just wont work. Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Jan 

I think you hit the one thing that can’t be automated.  I suggest you insert it this way

In 1997, Mitchel and Paulsen{Mitchel, 1997 #125} published a paper.

and rather than “hide author and year” which makes the citation invisible, you make the {Mitchel, 1997 #125} hidden text.  Then you can see it (both formatted and unformatted) as long as hidden text is visible – but it won’t print.  

Alternatively – if you let it be invisible, you can always unformat citations (convert to unformatted citations) and it will look like the above, until you “update citations and bibliography” again.  I tend to work with instant formatting (CWYW) off most of the time anyway.  Far less possibility for corruption and it is much faster without all the formatting going on in the background.  

Thanks a lot Leanne. Will do it that way. Really appreciate your efforts.

Greetings, Jan