Connect manually typed text passage with reference in bibliography


i am very sorry for asking this as i am sure the answer is already somewhere out there. But sadly i couldn’t find it (using forum search and google). I hope somebody can give me a quick answer or link the appropriate posting.  I want to connect a manually typed passage in my document to its reference in the bibliography. It goes like “In 1997 Mitchel and Paulsen pusblished a paper…”. I would like to connect <1997> or <Mitchel and Paulsen> with the bibliography entry. If I use the CWYW-Plugin (using APA-Style) i just can choose between <(1997)>, <(Mitchel and Paulsen)>. In my case i want to remove the parentheses. On the other hand its important for me to see the link between the written text and the reference as i may decide to restructure my paper later on. I made use of trial and error extensively bit it just wont work. Thanks for your help.

Cheers, Jan