Connection File for Westlaw or Westlaw Next

I’ve been hoping for years (decades?) now that one of the major citation managers would add direct connectio to either Lexis or Westlaw.  Once Thomson Reuters bought EndNote, and Westlaw  I was sure the day was coming soon.

Why can’t this be done?  The tools inside Westlaw, even Westlaw Next, t are getting better, but still no where near what I can do with EndNote.

I’m voicing my request for such a connection file in the strongest manner possible!



Hi Kim,

The last time I checked, Westlaw didn’t allow access to their database via z39.50.  Also, I remember there was something difficult about their data–the database is an aggregation of data, which means there is no consistency in the way the data is presented, which is why there isn’t even a filter.

If you can manage to download a tagged text file, send it to me and I will see what kind of filter, if any, I can come up with for you.


Jeffrey Jackson

Application Support Analyst

Thomson Reuters

Hi Jeffrey,

Is there anything like this becoming available soon?  I’m in the process of deciding between Papers2 and Endnote (running the free trials right now).  Most of my research is in law and philosophy, so I am *very* interested in something that can make use of Westlaw downloads and import metadata.



You do realize you are asking me to contact your company and let you know if you will let you do something?

Since Westlaw UK allows the feature - it CAN be done. So I guess I’m asking you to contact your company and let us know if you will let you do something.