Connection file-Ingenta Connect

We have many staff members who use Ingenta Connect. Does anyone know if this will ever be a connection file option? I thought of setting up this myself but the company says that they don’t have the Z39.50 information that I would need to do this manually. Thanks for the information!


I have moved your post to the “EndNote Styles, Filters, and Connections” Group. IngentaConnect from Publishing Technology would need to be able to provide the z39.50 information if they have such a server. If they do not currently have a z39.50 connection, EndNote would not currently be able to directly connect. As a workaround, they do offer a Direct Export to EndNote. Once you have located the records you wish to add to your EndNote library from IngentaConnect, you can click on Export Options and select EndNote. This should export the records directly into your EndNote library.

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