Connection file search attribute

We are using a homegrown connection file to download records into EndNote X3 from our SirsiDynix Symphony library catalogue.  However, author searches via the connection file only seems to search the 100 MARC field, and not the 700 field. Thus giving misleading results.

Symphony comes with a Z39.50 server, but we haven’t ever modified it in 12 years.  Does anyone know what the answer is?

The configuration for the Symphony Z39.50 server is given here.

It says that the Use attribute of 1003 should search all the MARC author fields.

Is that the Use attribute that is specified for Author searches in the Search Attributes section of your connection file? If it is, I think you should contact your support person at SirsiDynix to find out if there is some oddity in the configuration of your Z39.50 server.

thanks for that John.  I will check it out, and if necessary ask SirsiDynix.