Consecutive references in separate brackets

I am trying to format a paper for Microbial Cell Factories, which requires consecutive references as [1,2], however when I use the Microbial Cell Factories style sheet it still formats as [1] [2].

I have checked the style sheet under citations, numbering and “Use number ranges for consecutive citations” is selected.

Is there another option to enforce this?



Is there a space between the two refs? - if so deleted it and reformat.

I have tried deleting and reformatting. I have also tried to manually edit the brackets, but it automatically corrects this.

Please attach your output style (see links below the text window when you reply).  I just tried it with the installed style and with the newly downloaded style, and it works for me.  You can’t delete the brackets to join them.  But there can’t be a space between the two inserted refs either.  In my version (EndnoteX4, Word2003) at least, it works as it should. 

Thanks, I had to unformat the citations, then edit the references before I rebuilt the citations, looks like it worked.

It took a few goes to get it all done.

Thanks for your help