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Has anyone created the EndNote formatting for Contemporary Physics? 



Could you copy&paste author instructions about bibliography format?


Thanks for your reply and interest.  Here is what is given on the Contemp Phys website

under “Description of the Journal’s reference styles” 


Journal article

[1] A. Author and B. Author, Title of article, Abbrev. J. Title. Vol (Year), pages.
[1] J. Burckhardt, M. Gunzburger, and J. Peterson, Insensitive functionals, inconsistent gradients, spurious minima, and regularized functionals in flow optimization problems, Int. J. Comput. Fluid Dyn. 16 (2002), pp. 171–185.


[1] A. Author, Title of Book, Publisher, Place of Publication, Year.
[1] P.E. Gill, W. Murray, and M.H. Wright, Practical Optimization, Academic Press, London, 1981.


[1] A. Author, Title of chapter, in Title of Book, A. Editor and B. Editor, eds., Publisher, Place of Publication, Year, pages.
[1] A.R. Conn and P.L. Toint, An algorithm using quadratic interpolation, in Nonlinear Optimization and Applications, G. Di Pillo and F. Giannessi, eds., Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, 1996, pp. 27–47.

Internet document

[1] A. Author, Title of article, Abbrev. J. Title. Vol (Year), pages. Available at URL. MR number.
[1] M. Haiman, Hilbert schemes, polygraphs, and the Macdonald positivity conjecture, J. Amer. Math. Soc. 14 (2001), pp. 941–1006. Available at MR 2002c:14008.


[1] A. Author, Title of thesis, degree and type of thesis abbrev., Name of University, Year.
[1] J.S. Ellenberg, Hilbert modular forms and the Galois representations associated to Hilbert-Blumenthal abelian varieties, Ph.D. diss., Harvard University, 1998.

Conference workshop

[1] A. Author. Title of workshop, Name of Conference, Place of Conference, Year.
[1] P. Hovland, Automatic differentiation and its role in simulation-based optimization, IMA Workshop, Minneapolis, MN, 2003.


Go to the thread and find style template as follows:

GS1 Ap_Ti Ital_Jo_Vol Bold_(Year)_no No_Page

You need to change several things:

Enclose numbers of bibliography with brackets: Layout from Bibliography template.

Insert p.^pp. before page number and remove number of issue.

Choose Abbreviation 1 style (After downloading updated journal term list).

Then, Journal article formatting should be good to go.

If you like, you can tweak book templates, but I usually edit book, book section manually because I don’t have many book section in my bibliography. Tweaking styles takes sometimes 15 min, and doing so for just 2 or 3 references doesn’t make sense to me.



you obviously overestimate what I can do. I’m just a dumb user of EndNote.  I remember that, in earlier EndNote versions, I knew how to create a new style. Looked easy then. However with this latest EndNote version nothing seems to work.  I just can’t find out how to set up a style for formatting my manuscript for Contemporary Physics and make it part of my routine.Your instructions didn’t help either.  Which “thread”?  What is “GS1”?

Go to the thread and find style template as follows:

GS1 Ap_Ti Ital_Jo_Vol Bold_(Year)_no No_Page

I prepared to give you more info on finding and using our Maven’s instructions, but then decided to go to your link to see the differences.  When I did so, I followed the embedded link in that PDF to the “more information” link: where it says:

 References are given in the text by bracketed numbers [1], with a list of references at the end of the article in numerical order.


EndNote for Windows and Macintosh is a valuable all-in-one tool used by researchers,

scholarly writers, and students to search online bibliographic databases, organize their

references, and create bibliographies instantly. There is now an EndNote output style

available if you have access to the software in your library (please visit and look for TF-Q Mathematics numerical



Following those instructions gets you this, which I assume will work for you. 

Open it and then save it, and X2 will save it to your preferences defined folder.  Now you should be able to open the style manager and see the TF-Q Math numerical style that the publisher says will conform to their instructions.

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Leanne already suggested pretty good style that can be used for your journal, so I’m just following up my own comments. The thread I meant was “Style Template Collection” which you find one of the top three threads in this “Styles, Filters, Connection” board. These three threads are separated from other threads. The “GS1…” thing is just my own file naming, but when you go in there, you’ll find some styles that can be used as a good template for most of popular journals. They are kind of common denominators and require some tweaking, but once you learn basics of endnote style modification, it’s not that difficult.

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