Convert "Classic" bibliography to RefMan (12)

I am using RefMan (version 12) for some time now, mainly for the usual - simple - stuff.

But now I have to make a RefMan database out of a MS Word file containing lots of bibliographical entries in plain text (!), that basically looks like this:

Author1, Title1, Place1, Date1. [RETURN]

Author 2,  Title 2, Place2, Date2. [RETURN]

Since the file is fairly large, I do not consider looking up every single entry in a database to save it as RIS (or any other format)  and then to import it into RefMan a good option. I think it is less work to open it as a comma delimited in an editor, set things right (not ALL entries are formatted in exactly the same way), and then to save it as comma or tab delimited file. 

I wonder if everyone has any experience doing this kind of stuff? Any tips? Any things to think of before I start? I don’t want to engage in lots of work only to find out later it won’t do the trick. 

Perhaps someone can also recommend a good csv/tab delimited file editor?


I don’t know your program, but you might find some useful tips and resources in this Endnote thread:


It’s indeed not a RefMan specific problem per se. The other thread has som useful stuff at first sight. I’ll check it out.