Copy short form citation

Is there a way to copy sources manually as short form quote?

Thanks, Ron

Unclear how or if you’re planning to integrate the “short form quote” with Endnote. If you have the source document it seems you just need to do a manual copy and paste of the relevant content into a designated custom field within the Endnote records. If the quotes along with all other field data such as author, date, source, etc. were collected in the database format such as Access or Excel the information could be exported as a text file then imported into Endnote to create corresponding records.

If you mean something else entirely you’ll need to provide further explanation (examples also help).

Thank you CrazyGecko! 

I want to copy a record manually in Endnote and insert the record as short form citation or footnote citaten into a text editor (not Word or so). 

Thanks, Ron

If you create a Bibliography template matching your short form in each ref type that you want to use this trick – and use that with the ctrl K shortcut (copy formated) in Endnote and Ctrl-V (paste) in the text-only document.  

Assuming you also need the regular output style in a document (which I am not sure you do) you can combine two different output styles, one that is used as the cwyw by word and endnote, and the other (in Endnote) for the copy formated/paste needs.  

You can also do this in the same footnote only output style if you don’t also need to generate a bibliography for your publisher. But if you do need to generate a conventional bibliography, then you would change to the short form-bibliography output style in Endnote  retaining the footnote style in the manuscript.  

Now if in Endnote and you select a record and type ctr+K  and move to the word or text document and put the cursor where you want the short form to appear, and type ctrl+V, the short form matching the bibliography template in Endnote, will be pasted.

Note: You sometimes need to reset one or the other again as sometimes changing the output style in the paper will  alter it in Endnote too, then you need to switch endnote back to the alternative one, but that shouldn’t change the paper’s output style again.

Thanks! Ron