Copy short form of citation to clipboard

I see there is a copy function that copies the long reference into clipboard (copy formatted or ctrl k), but like in biblioscape, it would be good have a copy function for short form of citation as plain text e.g. ctrl shift c

Why not create a style that has the “short form” as the form in the reference template and ctrl K will still insert what you want? 

thanks for the thought !

i would however like to copy the short form say to powerpoint slide A, and another to slide B, and then on last slide copy the long form …

Then change the style in endnote, just before doing your last copy, to a style that has your full reference. 

thanks for another thought!  the way i work, and i dont want to change that really because i think its efficient, is i cite a paper in slide A (short form), and now in order to avoid forgetting to put it to the bibliography in the last slide, i would like to then insert the long form straight after. then i work more on my presentation, and iteratively put another short form citation into say slide B, and then in the same move, would like to stick the long form to the bibliography… and this way i dont have to go through my slides at the end an extra time and refind my long references …

its not a big deal tho, a matter of convenience i suppose. 

thanks again.