corrupted ENL library

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Not sure if anyone can help, but I have a library from version 8 I think?  I am not sure what version it is, its been a while since I used it.  Anyway I can’t get it to load on X2, and the library recovery feature does not work.  Should X2 recognize all previous versions?   Anything I can do?  I have some 1000 references.



Do you have both the library (.enl) file or even better the “library”.DATA folder?  The .DATA folder is very important and with that you can even recover the .enl file.  Move it to a new place, and with a text editor, create and empty “libraryname”.enl file in the same folder as the DATA folder is (not IN the DATA folder). Now try opening it.  I know this works for later versions.  If you don’t have that .DATA folder, it might be your problem. 

I do not have the .DATA folder, I just have the .ENL file.  I am not certain that the version I used has the .DATA folder; regardless I am unable to get it.  I do know that in the past I did transfer just the ENL file and it worked fine, but that was 5 years ago (again i dont know the version).  Is the DATA folder new?

No, not new.  I know it was there for EN7, for example, but it may not have been essential and EN8 might have been able to regenerate it.  I would phone Tech Support -this from their website:

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Okay, thanks!