Corruption Problem

I have been experiencing random occurences of corruption in using Endnote X2. On occasion, the library I am working with becomes corrupted (I do not alter or move the enl or data files/folder in any way) the program crashes and I can no longer open the library when I try again. This has happened with two libraries so far. On one occasion, I clicked tabs quickly when creating a smart group and the program froze and then crashed and the library became unopenable.

Is there any solution to these issues with Endnote X2?

I can’t give you “solution”, but only “suggestions”.

Make always back up, prefefably everyday from your master library to external pocket drive, flash drive, another hard dirve, whatever you have. You could set up automatic back up schedule if you have such software. I use synchronizers, mirroring, RAID level 5, everything possible to prevent data loss.

Once corruption happens, delete the corrupted one and copy back from the back up file. You may lose work for one day, but that should be recovered easily.

Unfortunately, EN became somewhat unstable software due to its complicated file architecure to be able to answer diverse users’ need. I hope future versions are more stable, but this is what we’ve got now, and the manufacture can’t make 100% pefect software today. When you realize that, only thing you can do is to make backups regularly. This is also true with every other digital technologies.

Good luck.

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