Create & email compressed library not triggering email message in Outlook

When using X7.4 to create & email a compessed EndNote library the library is compressed & saved but does not trigger Outlook to create an email message.

I cannot find anything in the EndNote preferences that might control this behaviour, and also can’t see any add-ons in Outlook so I am at a loss.

Has anyone dealth with this problem before?



Tried to send a pdf file via endnote using outlook but stopped working. Restarted endnote and an ERROR message comes up and i can’t open and use endnote now ?



The compress & email doesn’t really work with even a medium sized library, even if you are only trying to email a small number – there is a bug and it often hangs – and takes forever or never finishes at all.  I find rebooting the computer is the only way, or finding things in the task manager and stopping them manually.