Cross-reference inside an "Inserted Note" ? General EndNote Usage Quest.

Hi all, I’m reading in the EndNote help file about including “Notes” in numbered citation formats, as I want for my document, but I’m particularly flummoxed by this part:

Restrictions on the Use of the “NOTE” Feature:

• Do not use the temporary citation delimiters as part of the text of the note. Other markers, such as the record number marker, the prefix marker, and the multiple citation separator may be used.

•Notes cannot be combined with regular bibliographic citations within the same set of delimiters (such as parentheses or brackets). They must be cited separately— each in its own set of delimiters.

The question is… if I have a Note saying something like this …

It may be useful to consult a textbook on the subject, see {Miessler, 2011 #1398}, for example.

 The reference inside the note does not get referenced…  how do I make this happen ?  What is the “recommended EndNote way” to do this type of referencing inside a note ?

Go to edit and manage citation, highlight your reference, go to edit citation, add see as a prefix

it worked for me