Cross-reference to table as citation prefix

I am trying to figure out how to use a cross-reference to a table as a citation prefix so it displays as (Table 1; Smith 2016). Does anyone know how to do this?

right click in the formatted citation and choose, edit citation (last item on the list) and more… (last item on the list) and place the "Table 1; " I think including the space) in the Prefix box of that citation.  

In the unformatted temporary citation, this looks something like {Table 1`; \author, Year #RecNo} but you can’t include any fancy indexing/auto numbering here.  – the  word fields are limited (by MicroSoft) to plain text.  If you want the Table number to vary as you build your document, you would need to hide the endnote generated citation and build that part of it manually.  So one or the other is manual and not auto-updated.