Custom dictionary


I just started to use EndNote on iPad to read pdf files used in my study. As I’m reading in a foreign language, a custom dictionary would have been an awesome function! As I come across new words, I now mark them and add a note to explain to myself the meaning of the word. It’s not very easy to find all the new words later on in this way, and relying on a third-party app to create a custom dictionary is also bothersome. Following functionality shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, and I’d guess many users would appreciate it:

  1. Long-press on a word to select it and see the popup menu

  2. The popup menu could have a “dictionary”/“add to dictionary” option

  3. A field where I could enter the definition/explanation/translation of the word would appear

  4. After saving the word, it would be added to my dictionary, which is synced to all my devices

Hope to see this feature in future updates! :slight_smile: