CWYW blocks only in formatted documents

I use WXP, Office03 and EndNoteX2

I found out increasing difficulties (delays, lack of response, etc) to insert cites into a previously formatted document of word 03 in which I am working now. After a few days the difficulties increased to a point in which the EndNote does not respond any more to the search window. The search window appears but EndNote does not respond. Other CWYW options did not work as well. I have to close EndNote to continue working.

This happened with other older documents in the same computer but not with the same documents in other computers!. Furthermore I installed the EndNote again and repair Word and it did not fix the problem.

The strangest thing is that the search windows work perfectly well when I start a new word document in the same computer where the formatted document does not allows the search window to work!!!

Anyone could give a hint?

Thanks, julio 

Tracking changes?  Were these documents created with earlier versions of the software.  I recommend you unformat and reformat the document (turn CWYW back on, if you want it on during the reformat step) to clean up the field codes.  while unformated, you could also remove the residual bibliography and use the “remove field codes” tool in endnote to make sure there aren’t residual coding.  All this should be done on a copy.  Also try accepting all tracked changes from word. 

That is what I would try first.  Also, make sure your filters, styles and connection folders don’t have too many items.  Streamline them to have only those you use regularly.  You can always download a new file from the endnote website, or keep a second folder holding all the items.  (but this would probably affect all documents and not just older documents). 

Dear Leanne,

Thank you for your attention and suggested help.

I use the same EndNote vs X2 for all the documents where the problem appears. Specifically the one where the block occurred. Furthermore, in other computers everything works fine for the same document!. Also I minimized long ago the filter, connect and styles folders.

However, as you suggested, I unformat (it did!!!) and reformat the document and … it again worked fine!!!. But… when I close the document and opened again, the same block on the search window appeared again: ???.

After closing EndNote, the block sends 2 windows. I will put them in spanish and their aproximated translation to english:

  1. “Error en la llamada a procedimiento remoto” = error in the remote procedure call

and then

2)“El servidor RPC no esta disponible” = The RPC server is not available.

Is that clarifying anything?

thank you for your attention, sincerely Dr.Coll 

I don’t know what those error codes mean.  Perhaps someone from Endnote’s tech support could decipher them.  But did you do the remove field codes step?  (on a PC, ctrl shift F9 will also do it - when it is in the unformated state)

yes, I could remove the codes and everything work fine when I reformatted the document.

It only stopped to work after I close and open again the document after I formatted: ???.

I could remove codes and reformat again. It come to work until next time I close it and opened again and so on…

I can also keep the document unfornatted and work with it until I finish, but why I cannot formatt it in that computer now and I could until a few days and I can in others? 


Again, I suggest Tech Support.  It sounds like there is something different on that machine with either Word/Endnote installation or some other glitch.