CWYW doesn't recognize author name change in reference and treats it now as 2 references

Hello dear Endnote community,

i have another problem: In Office 2007 i had a Footnote and i didn’t know the name of the author, so i used a placeholder name. Now i found out the name of the author and changed it inEndnote, but in Office this change is not recognized, in fact it treats it as a different reference… So now i have 2 references in my bibliography: 1. noname, “The Art of Art” and 2. Huxtable Peter “The Art of Art”. This behaviour is reproducable for me unfortunately.

Help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


When you change the author, endnote no longer thinks it is the same record (it matches Author, year and record number) and so it uses the copy it has in the “traveling library”. 

Delete and reinsert the reference following the instructions in this thread’s solution.

Thanks alot, that helped. Not very convenient but it works :slight_smile:

Yes, not long after it appeared, I suggested that there be a way to turn off the traveling library, – in your case, it would trigger an immediate -this doesn’t match anything in your library-prompt allowing the replacement.  Otherwise it is “hidden” in the traveling library.  The traveling library fixes some collaborative issues, but most times, I find it is more trouble than it is worth. (and most times I collaborate with CWYW firmly OFF).   

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