CWYW Keyboard shortcut for inserting citation

I just upgraded to Ref Man 12.  I can’t get the CYWY preference of using keyboard shortcut Alt + 2 to insert my citations.  I have checked the settings, and Alt + 2 is listed as the keyboard shortcut for this function, but I just can’t get it to work.  Has anyone else had this problem?  any suggestions?

The keyboard shortcuts aren’t working properly in Ref Man 12. We’re aware of the issue and should have a patch for CWYW available very shortly that will restore them. I can repost on this thread when it’s ready if you’d like, or just keep an eye on the boards.

Thanks, that would be great if you could re-post on the thread when the patch is available.  I’ll try to keep my eye out for it too.



Could you give me an update on the patch for this?  You said in your replay the patch for CWYW would be available “very shortly” – can you give me an idea of the timeframe?


Hi wstough,

We are hoping to release a patch as early as next week. Keep checking here for updates!

The Reference Manager 12.0.1 patch is now available: 

The keyboard shortcuts have been restored with this patch, thanks again for your patience.