CWYW multiple citation error - extra comma appears after each citation

 From the examples below you can see that when using CWYW with Word 2007, Windows XP, an extra comma is added to multiple citations but single citations and bibliography are fine. I am using a modified style of my own.Thanks in advance for help,

(Ballin 2008) (Callahan 1987, ; Ballin 2008)

Please attach your style to a message.  It is then much easier to trouble shoot. 

Here is the style

KD_Author-Date.ens (21.9 KB)

I don’t have that problem.  Could you contact me via PM and send a short document with some inserted references as an example? 

I get this in a citation with your style. 

(Chissoe et al. 1995; Chiu et al. 2002)  and with single authors:  (Chen 1992; Cheng 1995) 

Make sure you are using the specific style you sent to me (check in the reformat bibliography tab). 

The problem is resloved; a glitch solved by deleting the ‘cited pages’ entry in the citations template, and then re-entering the ‘cited pages’ again.