Database of authors from PUBMED/CINAHL Export

Hi folks - first time user. I’m trying to use Endnote to make a list of instances in which an author has participated in a title. The goal is to count how many times an author contributed to the collection of articles. Currently querying PubMed and CINAHL, if anyone is familiar with those.


“Article 1”; Authors: Author, First; Author, Second; Author, Third; 6/16/2018

“Article 2”; Authors: Author, First; Author, Eighth; 1/5/2017

“Article 3”; Authors: Author, Third; Author, Twentieth"; 2/25/2012

Would convert to a table with:

Author, First            “Article 1”     6/16/2018

Author, First            “Article 2”     1/5/2017

Author, Second       “Article 1”     6/16/2018

Author, Third           “Article 1”     6/16/2018

Author, Third           “Article 3”     2/25/2012

Author, Eighth         “Article 2”     1/5/2017

Author, Twentieth    “Article 3”     2/25/2012

I’m currently able to do this with Excel using their Data Import on an XML export, but I have to massage one of the XML exports (the one from CINAHL has the authors list set up in a way that thwarts the import), so I’m doing it twice every time.

I was hoping Endnote might be able to do it more efficiently and effectively than my XML imports. Is there a Style that already works for creating a library of Authors and their work?

Feel free to point me to any previous posts relevant to the question, and my apologies for any duplication.

Hello Devon,

You can try using the Subject Bibliography feature based on the Author which would tell you how many references have that Author and then list them below the name.

Please see the following KB article on using the Subject Bibliography feature.