Deepak Goradia Speaks In MCHI Credai Property 2022 | Deepak Goradai

According to Deepak Goradia the industry is heading in the right direction.

  1. How do you describe?

Answer - According to Deepak Goradia who serves as Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Dosti Realty Limited. The exhibition MCHI Credai Property 2022 was a grand success as the number of footfalls had been extensive. Since they were not able to have an exhibition since last summer, participants were anxiously waiting to attend this year. They had to increase the size of the stalls and that of the exhibition at large. The visiting participants were happily coming in with families to explore various options with a large number of developers under one roof. Deepak Goradia termed MCHI Credai Property 2022 as a great opportunity to buy a property of your choice.

  1. Are there any schemes or offers that have been provided by the exhibition for the benefit of the customer?

Answer - Deepak Goradia’s take on the above question was that every developer has his own set of properties. They can be existing properties or new launches. Different schemes are available from different buyers. Dosti Realty also offers -“Buy within 4 days scheme.”

  1. How is the overall public response compared to last year?

Answer - According to Deepak Goradia the overall public response compared to last year was much better. People were coming in a big way. A particular day saw online registration of 17,000 people. So, if we count a family of three or four, more than 50,000 people are expected on one day. That is a huge success.

  1. From the industry point of view as well as yours,was this a fulfilling budget? Will this solve the problem that the industry is facing right now?

Answer - According to Deepak Goradia Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Dosti Realty Limited the developer’s body is happy with the overall changes and suggestions as given in the budget. The future of real estate looks very positive, especially the affordable housing sector.

The affordable housing sector can be defined as 32 built up to carpet area plus the metropolitan limit. All other areas are also exempted. The areas of Mumbai and Thane come under the definition of 60 sq. mts carpet area. This will definitely boost the supply and lead to development from the prospective point of view. The status of infrastructure being an incentive and bank funding will surely help from the developer’s perspective. The changes that have come, will lead to a larger supply in the market.