Default window/pane focus when working with MS Word

I notice the many requests for additional keyboard shortcuts, which I agree with completely (since I *really* do not like to mouse when I don’t have to while writing). However, I recently upgraded to version X2 and find the default behavior of window/pane focus has changed. Perhaps I am just missing something in the documentation. My OS is (unfortunately) Windows XP, SP3.

While I am writing, I wish to enter a citation. Alt-1 brings me to the EndNote library. Previously, the reference list pane was the keyboard focus, and I could immediately “drill down” to the authors I wanted by typingthe beginnign letters and then arrow through to the ref I wanted. Now, Alt-1 brings me to the EndNote window, but no pane is in keyboard focus. I must then manually mouse-click the reference pane to bring it in focus, or ctrl-f to (often mistype) an author name and the mouse-click to bring the reference list in focus again to arrow or otherwise select.

The same problem occurs if I simply toggle between Word and EndNote using Windows ctl-TAB keyboard.

The “work-around” mentioned in aother thread of F6 or Alt-P actually shifts focus to the group (the preview) pane first, so requires one or two more F6’s to return to the reference pane.

I strongly request the previous default of the reference window being in keyboard focus after Alt-1 (or even Windows Ctl-TAB) be restored. 

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