Different author names not recognized and are all collapsed

Return in the author name field of newly entered references (Endote 20, MacOSX) are not recognized:

How they are entered in Endote:

Gian-Reto Walther

Eric Post

Peter Convey

Annette Menzel

Camille Parmesan

Trevor J C Beebee

Jean-Marc Fromentin

Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Franz Bairlein

How they look in bibliography:

Bairlein, G.-R.W.E.P.P.C.A.M.C.P.T.J.C.B.J.-M.F.O.H.-G.F. (2002) Ecological responses to recent climate change. Nature, 416, 389-395.

Only newly entered references since the X19 -> X20 update suffer from this.

Any idea ?


No answer from Clarivate… as usual ! I have rarely seen a company that does not take care of their customers at so high level!

The only solution when this happened is to delete the reference and dupiclate a previous reference and then change the names and other informations.