Disable warnings

I appreciate the need for warning messages at times, but for frequent users some of them get really tedious.  For example, if I have a citation in my library and I want to grab the PDF via the “Find Full Text” feature, I see a pop-up warning box with the text:

“Due to copyright issues with full text files, it is important to read and adhere to any downloading or other usage . . .”

OK, I have read it and understand the point now can I please turn it off?  Once a user has seen the message a few hundred times I doubt there is any new information value to all but the near brain-dead user.  At some point repeatedly displaying a nag screen becomes an annoyance, reduces search speed, and hampers productivity.

I agree, warnings are generally annoying and most people do not read them anyway. Librarians and our lawyers happen to really like this particular copyright warning but we are working on ways to make this less intrusive and improve the overall Find Full Text workflow at the same time.

Thanks for the input.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team