"docked toolbar" in Word 2011

I am not a Mac user.  One of my colleagues managed to dock the toolbar in Endnote, but then was unable to use the dropdown to change the output style? She is unable to trigger style manager menu when the toolbar is “docked” in Word, and thus unable to change to a new output style (she was stuck with the “annotate” style.   Is this a known bug?  I don’t know how she docked it, but when an “undocked” version of the toolbar is openned, it appear to work fine.  

It is possible to copy the commands from the EndNote toolbar into the Formatting toolbar of Word 2011, which is dockable. The EndNote tools were not specifically designed to run from the Formatting toolbar. However, I just performed a test with this using the EndNote X7.0.1 tools in Word 2011 after copying the commands to the docked Formatting toolbar. I was able to insert a citation and change styles without a problem.