Double parentheses when converting citations to EndNote

Hello, We are working with desktop EndNote X7 on MS Windows 6.1 and Word 2016. A new employee created citations and references before she was registered with EndNote using Word References and most likely the APA style. After converting Word citations to EndNote, the citations are now within double parentheses, ((Huntington 2007)). The outer parentheses can be manipulated in Word and removed. The inner parentheses is associated withe the EndNote citation. We want that and for the citation to look like this (Huntington 2007).

Is there any way to remove the outer parentheses without deleting each one individually? There are at least 178 in this chapter of the document. The outer parentheses can be deleted one at a time, delete a left - delete a right - delete a left - delete a right. This will take some time.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Make a copy of the document.  and try this.  (You will see why I said make a copy).  

I am assuming that you don’t have the original library?  If you do, convert to unformatted citations from the endnote ribbon options, search ({ and replace {  and then }) and replace } (there are curly bracket as one of the pairs in each case) and the update citations and bibliography – 

If that doesn’t work (say the library is different and it asks to confirm each citation and there are too many to do that)

then make another copy of the document – 

How many non-endnote parenthetical elements are there?  Go thru and protect them (replace them with some unique character like square brackets, so you can restore those later with search and replace).  

Then just do a global replace of open parentheses and replace with nothing and closed parentheses and replace with nothing.  Now update citations and bibliography and endnote should restore the one pair of parentheses you want.  

Hello Leanne,

Thank you for the quick response. The second option works quite well. There are a lot of parentheses associated with diagrams and Alaska statutes. So it may not be as practical as I hope for. I will check with the person who is writing the paper. Thank you again.