Downgrade Data base RM12 to 11 or open RM12 databases with RM11

I have upgraded to RM12 several months ago. But I share mi DB with other people that still uses RM11 (and they are not planning to move to RM12 in the near future).

There is any way to share my RM12 DB with RM11 users? (i.e. a plugging for RM11 to allow it to open RM12 files or a save-as function in RM-12 to downgrade to RM11)

Of course I could export all the DB as .ris and they can import it… But I am asking for a more efficient way to work (we update the DB almost daily and the new RM12 format breaks our collaborative work).


If you use the rebuild steps in the older version, that should allow older versions of Reference Manager to work with the RM12 DB: