Drag and drop pdf in Mac Endnote X6.01 with Moutain Lion 10.8.2 make Endnote unresponsive


All is in the subject line:

Drag and drop pdf in Mac Endnote X6.01 with Moutain Lion 10.8.2 make Endnote unresponsive.

I must force to quit Endnote.

Others experience the same ?

I use now trial copy of EN6. I wait for my licence code soon but I am a little bit afraid.

Marc Girondot

Greetings Marc,

Using my personal MacBook Air running OS 10.8.2, I am able to drag and drop PDF files as described within your post.  The first attachment does take about five to ten seconds to process, but subsequent attachments get created instantaneously.  How long are you waiting before you attempt to force quit EndNote?  There is a known issue within the OS 10.8.2 update for Mountain Lion which has been causing general slowness in EndNote.  In order to see if the behavior you’re describing is related to the known issue, you may want to try the workaround suggested for general slowness:

1.  Open your Activity Monitor.  Activity Monitor is found inside a folder called “Utilities”, which is inside your “Applications” folder.

2.  With the Activity Monitor running, choose “All Processes” from the “Show” drop-down and then sort the display by the “Process Name” column by clicking the column’s label.

3.  After sorting this list by Process Name, look for a process called ‘appleeventsd’.  If you are able to find the appleeventsd process, highlight this entry and click “Quit Process”.

4.  When you are prompted to confirm this action, press “Force Quit”.

5.  Once appleeventsd has been reset by the Force Quit selection, switch back to EndNote to see if you’re still experiencing freezing while attempting to attach PDF files.

If this workaround doesn’t help, try creating a new EndNote library and test the drag and drop process again.  This test would let us know if your issue is library specific.

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After further investigations, it seems related on the pdf draged and droped.

If the pdf is not a publication but just a pdf generated on my computer, it works. It just creates an empty reference with just the pdf.

However if the pdf is really a publication, then it becomes unresponsive. So probably it is lost while contactiing server or internal datase for filter…

The multicolor wheel is running and Endnote 6 uses 100% of CPU in application monitor.

It does the same with a freshly created database and with force-quit appleevent process.

Marc Girondot

I have the solution.

It is related to an old Connections folder in the Document>Endnote folder (I work on MacOS X). This Connections folder date back probably from Endnote X4.

If I delete this Connections folder, it works fine.

I don’t know why I had this Connections folder here ! Probably an old trial.

Marc Girondot