Easiest way to cite with footnotes and page numbers?

New EndNote 20 user here. I recently migrated from Mendeley, because my organization recommends the use of EndNote, and I’m struggling with the (seeming) inefficiency of EndNote Cite While You Write for Turabian users.

As I understand it, I am currently required to 1) insert a footnote, 2) go to the footnote and insert a citation there (when it doesn’t error out), 3) click “Edit Citations” and manually add page numbers for each citation.

That is three times as many steps as Mendeley Cite, where you simply add the citation, put the page number in the citation, and it formats the footnote for you.

TL;DR: Is there a more efficient way to cite things in Turabian style than the process I described above? It seems really poorly done for such a large software.

I am assuming the cited pages are required. Try editing the Output Style in EndNote and add the pagination to the Footnotes templates e,g, Generic - Short form: Author, “Title,”| Cited Pages|.
Sadly you will still need steps one and two. There are some good instructions here: Using footnotes - EndNote Guide - Subject Guides at University of Canterbury

I was under the impression that Mendeley doesn’t enter footnotes automatically -but that like EndNote you first insert a footnote from the references menu. Perhaps Mendeley knows to insert into the footnote automatically? For endnote you do need to move to the footnote to insert the citation. I don’t really have an issue with “timing out”, but I still use EndNoteX9.

Also, there should be no reason you couldn’t insert the cited pages at the end of the inserted footnote manually in Endnote, you just can’t insert it in the middle of the footnote. Including the “Cited Pages” field as suggested above makes it adaptable to other positions in the footnote.

Thanks! Sorry for being daft, but how does adding pagination to the template change the need to go back through to add page numbers?

Mendeley Desktop does enter footnotes automatically, which is great. Thanks for the advice! I’ll try adding them manually and see if that speeds things up.

If the page numbers are in the EndNote record, then the template will pickup/include them but it can’t do this retrospectively for references in the footnote.

I newer use this feature (aby nore); it is much easier to type the page number separatly – then it is also straight foreward to copy-paste the footnote and just change the page number without havin to “Edit Citations”.