easy to implement improvements to library interface

  1. In the library window, could entries in a column, (e.g. Title), wrap if the entry is longer than the width of the column?

2.  In the search pane at the bottom of the library window, those of us with a set default search, such as Author, Author, Year would benefit from:

a. a way to jump from one blank entry field to the next, without having to hit Tab (literally) 6 times between entries.

b. a button to clear the the entry field, instead of having to click Optins, Restore Default every time. It’s too easy to hit Set Default


I have another remark regarding the search pane. It really should be possible to use boolean operations within the search fields. For example: asthma OR diabetes OR depression … Refman can do this…

Search in the Endnote has been done using AND, OR, NOT from the pull down menu and it’s been working fine. Although, I admit it takes sometimes longer time to figure out complex search. Ability to use boolean algorithm within individual line would make it sort of confusing. If the search is simple three keywords with OR, the current method should be fine. Don’t you think?

A more desirable feature (for me) has been the support of regular expression and wild card, such as ? and *

Well, for us it would be great to use boolean algorithm within individual lines. For example we want to search for certain Ref-IDs to genereate a subset, e.g. RefID 123 OR 345 OR 456 OR 222… Of course you can do this manually, but that takes a lot of time.