eBook referencing, How to differentiate "Available throught" and "avalable at" ?

Good day,

My question regards electronic Books and Chapters. Some references should use the “available through”, if they are password protected items, some others use “available at”. It is easy to setup a reference style using one of these, how can I set up the style to use one or the other, without creating new reference types, which would be quiet a lot considering two different types for electronic books and two different types for electronic book chapters (edited books).


Include the phrase in the weblink field?  

Indeed, I did considered that. 

Is it not possible to create cutomized fields in the referency style, one for “Available throught”, one for “available at” and display only the one which have contains text ? 

Hadn’t thought of that.  It still means modifiying the reference types and editing the output styles adding the new fields with the appropriate wording, isolated by the | (forced separation) and “link adjacent” (indicated by a * below) symbols (these can be inserted from the insert field menu in the bibliography templates), so the text only appears with the filled field. 

|Available through*URL1*|Available at*URL2*|  


have done that. I changed the field Names of “Name of Database” to “Available trought” and the “Database Provider” to “Available at”. I than fill one or the other and show in the referencing style as suggested…