Editing references

Hi there, 

I’m new to Endnote - I have X9 on my Macbook, and am using APA 7th.

I really tried to figure this out on my own first, I promise! But I wasn’t getting any where.

Problem #1

My references are pulling across with bit in them that I don’t need/want. Specifically they’re including ‘Date’ (I only need Year) and ‘Type of article’. So these are appearing in my refs (Eg below, bold bits). Is there are way to omit these from for ALL my refs? Until now I’ve just been manually editing each one to remove but it’s taking FOREVER. Thanks so much


Amad, A., Ramoz, N., Thomas, P., Jardri, R., & Gorwood, P. (2014, 03/01 ). Genetics of borderline personality disorder: Systematic review and proposal of an integrative model [Article]. Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews, 40, 6-19. 

Problem #2

In this style journal titles should be Title Capped, by a few are coming across Sentence Capped, as per Eg below. I’ve edited this individually but it doen’t change. Any help please much appreciated!

Sherin, J. E., & Nemeroff, C. B. (2011). Post-traumatic stress disorder: the neurobiological impact of psychological trauma. _ Dialogues in clinical neuroscience , 13_(3), 263-278.