Editing some of the boilerplate text that Endnote inserts in citations

For reference types Conference Paper or Conference Proceedings my bibliography shows e.g.

“Mardling, R 1999, ‘Chaotic Tides in Binary Stars and the Three-Body Problem’, in Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society: proceedings of theBulletin of the American Astronomical Society p. 1231.”

How can I edit to insert a space after "proceedings of the" and to capitalize “proceedings”?

That is due to the way the information appears in the EndNote library .Locate the ‘Chaotic Tides in Binary Stars and the Three-Body Problem’ item in your EndNote library. Double-click on the reference to open it. Here, you can edit that Conference Name field to make sure it is entered correctly. You can then save and close the reference and then ‘Update Citations and Bibliography’ in the document.