Editing with Endnote interactivity

Hi, I’m in Endnote X8, Windows. Can you teach me step by step to do further editing on citations and references with Endnote interactivity (remove the endnote fields entirely). In addition, how to save the file as a new name, to protect the “EndNoted” version, either in endnote or word. 

To remove the endnote fields entirely (which we rarely want to do these days), there is an endnote option “convert to plain text” which I think even forces you to save to a new file name.  You can also edit an individual citation by right clicking in the field and you will find options (such as hide author or year, or convert to Author (Year) or “more” to insert text before or after the citation.  

I recommend you view some of the endnote.com/support training youtube videos or training manuals to get up to speed!  (and keep asking questions here).