EN X5, Mac 2011, How to avoid different citation numberings--(1) body of text and (2) text boxes?

When using citations only to the text body, numbering is perfect.  As soon as I cite to a text box in document, the citation reverts to 1 and others move up to 2 etc., regardless.  

Experiment done in order:  

cite to text body at beginning

then cite to text box 1

then cite to text body later

then cite to text box 2

Of course, it should be:  [1],   [2],   [3],   [4]

It actually came out in this order:  [2],   [1],   [4],   [3]

When the text box is cited, it takes an earlier number.


Thank you.

It should read:  MS Word, Mac 2011 (OS is Lion)

You want to convert the text boxes to frames.  See FAQ in next message!

The link Leanne was posting did not work. Here is a link to the appropriate Knowledge Base Article:


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