EN20 Functionality Concerns

My organisation is deferring migration to EN20 EndNote.
Several staff have trialled using EN20.3 and then EN20.4.1 and we are very unhappy with the loss of functionality, in particular:

|Terms list prompts|None|When in a controlled field everything is red, there are no suggestions|
|Font size|Fewer choices|Received lots of complaints about this|
|Edit field|Fields really small|Most of the region is taken up with field names|
|Empty fields|All fields displayed|No option to not display empty fields, more scrolling required|
|Empty fields > edit field|All fields displayed|The fields selected for a give ref type are not transferring to the edit field, all generic fields displayed|
|Lost the link with MSWord2021 CWYW|No CWYW after install|Everyone has to uninstall EN20 and install a second time|
|Show/hide selected References|Option removed|Used this a lot|
|Search results|No group fof results|Can’t search within or highlight terms in search results - used these features a lot|
|Preview screen|Summary surperfluous|It is confusing to have two displays here (summary and preview) ; Several staff didn’t know there was w preview field as install defaulted to hiding the preview|
|Background|very dark|quite depressing|
|Layout changes|Options removed|Regularly display pdf and edit fields together when importing pdf EN can’t recognise|
We have advised Clarivate of our concerns and will keep a watching brief and see if future upgrades/versions restore these features


My feelings, precisely. I’ve reverted to the X9 version.

would also add the preview pane is on the right. Which makes reading quite difficult. It should be on the bottom; or customizable at least.

Long time user of Endnote, and have refused to upgrade to 20 from X9. Very disappointed. I plan to retire before I have to upgrade.